You. Start. Here.

For the last five centuries, the sun has been gradually weakening, decade after decade.
Ancient books speak of the brightness of the daylight that people and nature used to live beneath…

But nowadays the sun merely looks like a grey and dim star in a dark and cloudy sky. Fields have turned into swamps. Plague and starvation regularly descend upon the realms…

An ancient prophecy claims that the former kings of the realms, known as Fidoc’s Dynasty, had found a way to capture the very essence of the Sun’s light. This royal family used the light to extend their existence beyond our realm and into the next.
At that time, nobody paid much attention to the story. But now, centuries afterwards, it appears that the prophecy has been proved true…

As a descendant of this old dynasty, you came up with the project of exploring your ancestor’s tombs, hoping to stop the Sun from losing its remaining power.
After a few days of walking in the swamps, you arrive at the alleged site of Fidoc’s ancient family crypts…





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You. End. Here.

After days of exploration (and starvation…), investigating Fidoc’s family tombs thoroughly, you eventually retrieve the Sun’s essence and make it back to the surface…

Delivering the essence to the Shrine of Sun unleashed its power, as if the Sun’s Lord himself had woken up with a start.

Sunbeams start to pierce the darkclouds that had accumulated in the sky for centuries.

It’s hard to believe, but it seems that the affliction that has cursed the kingdom for centuries is over.

Iomeris’ misdeed has been reversed; and you are the one to be praised for this glorious achievement!