2. Fidoc’s tomb

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You just entered your ancestor’s tomb.

This area is rather small and there’s not much to do at this stage, apart from retrieving a book (FIDOC’S LEGACY) and a magic wand (PHOENIX’ STAFF).

Fidoc’s death chamber itself will not be accessible until the late game.



  1. Look at the cartouche (a) on the wall: this is the Death Chamber of Fidoc’s family servants. Don’t enter the room or they will awaken (if you entered, you can quickly step back and close the grate to avoid confrontation). We’ll come back later, once we’ve found a way to get rid of those irascible tortured spirits
  2. Activate the lever (b): a giant frog falls down. It seems there is a direct connection between this level and the surface. The pits we saw on the island outside have trapdoors
  3. Activate the lever (c): the ghoul gets burnt down by the sun beaming through the ceiling shaft you just opened. You can now enter the cell: the ghoul left a NOTE

“Only the deads of Royal blood
Bear to walk under sunlight’s flood”

This means the servants in the death chamber of Taloxia must be vulnerable to sun light. We need to find a way to “let the sunshine in” the room.

  1. Read the cartouche and have a look at the ceiling at (d): there is a chest above you. You just need to go back to the surface and “unearth” it. Press [TAB] to load the map and mark the corresponding location in the upper layer

Lvl-1 bis

  1. Dig up the chest (e). You get a TOMB KEY
  2. Back in Fidoc’s tomb, use the key on the lock at (f) to open the gate and get the PHOENIX’ STAFF
  3. Equip the staff and release its bolt upon the golden masks (g): one will occasionally provide you with SNAKE’S TAILS (a very nourishing piece of food); the other one will give you some advice on where to find the lever that opens Taloxia’s death chamber ceiling trapdoor
  4. Exit the tomb to go and activate the lever at (h). You’ll need to be very quick (save before trying). Jump into the water near (e), go straight to the lever, toggle it… and run to the western ladder to come out of the water
  5. Back in Fidoc’s tomb: now that the ceiling trapdoor has been opened, it should be safe to enter Taloxia’s death chamber. Press the wall button (i) to open a secret door in the lower-left corner of the room
  6. Pick up FIDOC’S LEGACY. If you read this text, you’ll learn about an ancient pact that was made between the Fidoc dynasty and the Sun’s Lord…
  7. Toggle the wall button (j) to open the pit trapdoor nearby. This will allow the ORNATE KEY on the floor to fall down towards the lower level. Maybe we’ll be able to retrieve it later!


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