8. Iomeris’ cemetery [part 2]

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In the previous part of this level’s walkthrough, we completed the puzzles (I – V), as well as the elemental Temple of Ice (ToI). We shall now explore the Temple of Murmurs (ToM), the Temple of Flames (ToF) and the Temple of Wilderness (ToW).

Then we’ll be able to access Iomeris’ private quarters (IpQ) without getting hurt, rob the key to her death chamber (IdC), enter the tomb… and possibly dispel her magics with the help of the 4 ELEMENTAL ESSENCES.



  1. Let’s visit the Temple of Murmurs (ToM)
  2. When you enter the Temple, you discover a very large area filled with magical floors. There are numerous alcoves containing small loot in the outer walls. Be careful when you walk onto the magical bridges: you might fall down to the bottom of the Temple and die if you don’t watch your step!
  3. Pick up the CRYSTAL FLOWERS in the alcoves (a) and (b)
  4. Take the POTION OF DEXTERITY (c)
  5. Fall down at (d) on the intermediate magical floor
  6. Take the INNER SANCTUM KEY (e)
  7. Pick up the CRYSTAL FLOWERS in the alcoves (f) and (g)
  8. Fall down at (h) on the lower magical floor
  9. Pick up the CRYSTAL FLOWERS in the alcove (i)
  10. Fall down at (j) onto the ground floor
  11. Climb the ladder (k) to get the LOCK PICKS
  12. Go into the pit at (m). Find and trigger the hidden wall switch to open a secret door (n) above you
  13. Come back upstairs and climb the ladder (n) to retrieve the TOME OF AIR (read it to gain +20 permanent resistance to shock damage)
  14. Climb the ladder (d) to obtain a POTION OF DEXTERITY
  15. Climb the ladder (o) to discover the RECIPE for the POTION OF DEXTERITY
  16. Search the wall at (p) and press the hidden wall switch to open a secret door leading to an alcove. Pick up IOMERIS GLOVES
  17. Climb the ladder at (q) to get a SCROLL OF FROST SHIELD
  18. Open the gate (r) with the INNER SANCTUM KEY
  19. Open the treasure chest (s) with the LOCK PICKS and retrieve the ANCIENT FLUTE
  20. Pick up the two different pieces of SHEET MUSIC in the alcoves (*) nearby
  21. You may now try to play the flute!
    • Equip the flute in your main hand
    • Equip your off-hand with any SHEET MUSIC (you should have 3 pieces of SHEET MUSIC by now, including the one you found in the Temple of Ice)
    • Right-click on the flute: here you go!
  22. Come back to the main room and toggle the switch (t): it triggers a daemon head under your feets, that will release a glowing spit
    • Our goal is to get the blob to end its course at (u). To achieve that, we need the teleporters in the pit to spin the blob in the right directions
  23. Jump into the pit at (m)
  24. Toggle the levers [1], [3] and [4] (the lever [2] is already facing the right direction)
  25. Come back and press the switch (t) again: the daemon’s spit should now go all the way to the end of the corridor
  26. This will disable the FORCEFIELD (v) nearby
  27. Let’s now face one of the most difficult challenges of this game: the Puzzle of Murmurs! It’s basically a giant music instrument. Your goal is to reproduce the 3 melodies contained in the SHEET MUSIC you collected earlier. You can either use the flute and stand by your personal hearing capacities… or carefully read the SHEET MUSIC and try to reproduce their schemes
  28. Anyway, here is how it works:
    • The wall in front of you is like a giant sheet music made of 9 different notes represented by dust balls. At the beginning of the puzzle, every note is set at its lowest level, representing the sound of the note “A” (for those of you who have learnt some music theory at school ;). In concrete words, the dust balls representing the notes start in the basement of the Temple (which is why you can’t see them right now). The highest possible note is also an “A” (but the one from the upper scale): if set as such, the dust ball representing the note would touch the Temple’s ceiling
    • There is a small luminescent globe [o] on the western part of the wall, featuring the steps of the melody (being a 9 notes melody, there are 9 possible locations for this luminescent globe)
    • Standing on the tile at (v) and facing East, there are a wall button and a lever at your disposal:
      • The lever means “halfton lower” when it’s pointing left, and “halfton higher” when it’s pointing right
      • The button will trigger the process set by the lever: for example, if the lever is set to “halftone higher”, switching the button will actually raise the current note by 1/2 tone. Starting with the note “A”, you would obtain a “A sharp”. Switching the button again will raise the note further, getting a “B”
    • Standing on the tile at (v) and facing West, there are a wall button and a pull chain at your disposal:
      • The button will allow you to skip to the next note in the melody (this will make the luminescent globe move 1 tile eastwards)
      • The pull chain will trigger the whole melody: pull it to check if your notes are set correctly
  29. Set the puzzle to play the SHEET MUSIC we’ve found earlier in the Temple of Ice
  30. Toggle the pull chain: a magical bridge should appear at (y), allowing you to access the loot in the wall alcove behind it. Pick up IOMERIS HAT
  31. Set the puzzle to play the first piece of SHEET MUSIC we’ve found in the inner sanctum of the Temple of Murmurs
  32. Toggle the pull chain: if the melody is correct, one of the iron gates ( w) will open
  33. Repeat the process with the last piece of SHEET MUSIC: the second iron gate ( w) should open
    • Note: if you’re struggling too much to get the right sound combinations, try this (1 = basement, 13 = attic):
      • First sheet music : 12,13,12,8,7,3,4,3,8
      • Second sheet music : 8,9,8,7,8,6,4,3,1
      • Bonus sheet music (from the Ice Temple) : 8,12,3,1,8,7,3,12,13
  34. Go and grab the TEMPLE KEYS behind the iron gates ( w)
  35. Use the KEYS on the LOCKS (x) to disable the magical glyph nearby
  36. You did it! Retrieve the ESSENCE OF AIR (@)
  37. Exit the Temple of Murmurs via the ladder (z)
  38. Before you enter the Temple of Flames (ToF), you should be warned about the 2 fettered Magma Golems (!) in this area. The first one is at the end of the corridor in front of the entrance: even if he can’t move, he can see you when you arrive, and throw meteorites at you that will set the floor on fire
    Temple flames
  39. When you enter the Temple, immediately go left and climb the ladder at (a)
  40. Once you’re in the second floor, go west and climb up the ladder
  41. Straight after the ladder, turn left to discover a hidden switch on the wall (b)
  42. Press the switch to trigger a secret door open on the ground floor at (c)
  43. Follow the hallway southwards until you face the Magma Golem (!) (he can’t hurt you from where you stand)
  44. Fall down at (d) to land on the second floor and quickly step back
  45. Go to the northern end of this platform and turn right to discover a lever (e)
  46. Pull the lever to toggle the iron gate (f) upstairs: now the way to the inner sanctum of the Temple is open
  47. Climb down to the ground floor and retrieve your loot at (g): IOMERIS TORC (resist fire +40)!
  48. Climb up using the ladder (a), then westwards again, and then up to reach the opened hallway (f)
  49. Follow the platform until you reach the room with the 2nd Magma Golem (!)
  50. Climb up the ladder (h) and take 2 steps forward onto the intermediate platforms (don’t mind the Magma Golem, he can’t hurt you as long as you stay above him)
  51. Strafe left to land on the lower platform (i) just next to the Magma Golem
  52. Pick up the SCROLL OF FIREBALL in the alcove (i)
  53. Save. Wait until the Magma Golem is facing East, jump down and quickly get to the Crystal at (j)
  54. On the wall opposite to the Crystal, there is a lever: toggle it to open the iron gate (k) nearby
  55. Save. Run to the ladder (a) before you get targetted by one of the Magma Golem’s meteorites
  56. Go all the way back to the ladder (h) on the 5th floor. This time, follow the platform to its end (see the red spots’ trail on the map)
  57. Take the SCROLL OF FIREBURST in the alcove (L)
  58. Move backward once and turn right to face North: you should find a hidden switch on the wall (m)
  59. Press the switch (m) to toggle the grate (n) nearby
  60. Go and retrieve your loot in the alcove (n): you get IOMERIS PANTS
  61. Fall down onto the lower platform at (o) and then one step lower again (p)
  62. Pick up the SCROLL OF METEOR STORM in the alcove (p)
  63. Strafe left to fall down onto the last platform (on the 2nd floor)
  64. Grab the pair of SHOES in the alcove (*) behind the Magma Golem and quickly come back to the furnace (s)
  65. Jump down on the ground floor at (q)
  66. The wishing pit (r) accomodates a Djinn. Don’t fall down! And DON’T TRY TO DROP RANDOM ITEMS in it, or the Djinn will come at you and reduce you to ashes. You should only give the Djinn arcane scrolls, and not just any of them: offer him scrolls that exalt what he loves (fire), or thwart what he hates (ice)
    • Give the SCROLL OF FIREBALL to the Djinn. He’ll reward you with a TEMPLE KEY: pick it up on the altar (s)
    • Offer him the SCROLL OF FIREBURST to get another TEMPLE KEY
    • Donate the SCROLL OF METEOR STORM: the Djinn will reward you with a POTION OF STRENGTH
    • Eventually, offer him the SCROLL OF FROST SHIELD we found earlier in the Temple of Murmurs: he’ll reward you with the legendary TOME OF FIRE (read it to gain +20 permanent resistance to fire)
  67. Walk all the way along the outer walls (following the red spots’ trail backwards) until you reach an iron gate (t)
  68. Pull the chain to open the gate (t)
  69. Climb back to the 5th floor and go all the way to the alcove where you got IOMERIS PANTS (n) earlier
  70. This time, fall down on the lower platform at (u)
  71. Pick up the SCROLL in the alcove: it’s a drawing that gives you a hint about a puzzle we’ll face later in the Temple of Wilderness
  72. Climb down until you reach the ground floor and go to the opened door at (k)
  73. Make sure to face West and take a TEMPLE KEY in your inventory (center the TEMPLE KEY with your mouse pointer in the screen, so that you are ready to use it)
  74. Save. Wait until the fireball [2] hits the wall next to you and be as quick as possible: immediately strafe right once, left-click to use the TEMPLE KEY in the wall lock (v), then strafe left to avoid the next fireball
  75. Congrats! You just disabled the fireball [1]. Now wait again for the next fireball [2] to hit the wall and quickly strafe right twice. Use your second TEMPLE KEY in the lock ( w) to disable the fireball [2] and turn off the magma pits on the floor
  76. You did it! Retrieve the ESSENCE OF FIRE (@)
  77. Exit the Temple of Flames


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