9. The End

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It’s now time to put an end to Fidoc’s doom by reversing Iomeris’ curse. But first we need to retrieve the 5th elemental essence: the ESSENCE OF SUN. According to Iomeris’ writings (see her GRIMOIRE), it has been sealed in her husband’s tomb. There is only one way to disable the magics of the protecting glyph Iomeris has cast on Fidoc’s tombstone: we shall “gather the relics embedding the souls of Fidoc’s relatives“. That would be Iomeris’ skull and the ones from her 4 sons.

Fidocs tomb


  1. Enter Fidoc’s tomb
  2. Use the ORNATE KEY on the wall lock (a): the door to Fidoc’s death chamber opens
    • Remember: at the beginning of your journey, this key was lying on the floor trapdoor at the center of this level (*). We’ve retrieved it in Busipah’s Mausoleum, 4 levels lower
  3. Put BUSIPAH SKULL in the Lover’s alcove (b)
  4. Put XAFI SKULL in the Ascetic’s nook (c)
  5. Put HAVOTEP SKULL in the Lurker’s hideout (d)
  6. Put RUKASHAN SKULL in the Seer’s cache (e)
  7. Put IOMERIS SKULL in the Necromancer’s reliquary (f)
  8. The room suddenly fills with dark clouds, the building shakes and you start hearing dreadful sounds…: Fidoc’s soul has eventually been freed and he can rest in peace!
  9. Pick up the ESSENCE OF SUN (g)
  10. Exit the tomb (h)
  11. Once you’re outside, go to the shrine of the sun (i):
    Outside 4
  12. Put the ESSENCE OF SUN on its beacon (i)
  13. Congratulation!!! You’ve put an end to Fidoc’s doom…
  14. Enjoy the final sequence 🙂


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