To play Fidoc’s Doom, you will first need an official version of the Legend of Grimrock 2 videogame (LoG2).

You can get it here:

You can also buy it via the Steam or GoG platforms.

  • If you’re playing on a Steam version, you’ll just need to subscribe to my mod in the Steam Workshop:

(English version only. For Russian Steam users, please download the Nexus version below)

  • Otherwise, you’ll need to download it on Nexus:

(both English and Russian versions are available via this link)

After you’ve downloaded the file, unzip it and put Fidoc_s_Doom.dat in the following folder:

C:\Documents\Almost Human\Legend of Grimrock 2\Dungeons

In Legend of Grimrock 2 home screen, choose “Custom Dungeon”. Select Fidoc’s Doom. Apply.

  • Note: don’t try to customize your characters before launching the game, nor create a team of your own: at the game start, everything will be reset. No matter your choices, you’ll start with a lonely FEMALE KNIGHT. This is part of the storyline.
Если вы русский-говоря: вы можете скачать русскую версию “Проклятие ФИДОCA” здесь.
Joueurs francophones : vous pouvez télécharger la version française sur Nexus, ou via Steam.




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