7. Busipah’s mausoleum

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This is the tomb of Busipah, Fidoc’s 4th son. Busipah was known as “the Paladin”. He used to be a holy servant of Tjalafez, the goddess of Love.

Busipah’s Mausoleum shelters 4 small puzzles (I, II, III, IV)… and a very big one (V). Completing the fifth puzzle is required to access the lower (and last) level of the game.

Your goal here is to retrieve Busipah’s skull. And possibly, his 7 other relics (note that getting all relics is optional and will not prevent you from finishing the game).


Lvl-5 bis


  1. If you followed the previous steps of this walkthrough, you should land in the secret back room of Tjalafez’ Chapel of Love, in the north-eastern corner of this level
  2. Press the wall button (a) to trigger a secret door
  3. Take the elevator (b) and go to the end of the corridor to find a chest holding the CRYSTAL GAUNTLETS
  4. Come back and pick up the GOLD KEY on the floor (c)
  5. Climb up the ladder and move forward all the way (up and down) until you land on the main floor
  6. Use the GOLD KEY in the lock (d) and enter the Chapel of Love (e)
  7. Grab everything you find here:
    • The LOCK PICKS
    • The SACK containing the JEWEL PENDANT and the STORM AMULET
  8. Exit the Chapel and go to the room with the very high ceiling (I)
  9. Press the secret wall switch (f) to open the wooden door next to it and follow the corridor to its eastern end
  10. Open the chest (g) with the LOCK PICKS and pick up the SCROLL RECIPE
  11. Brew some FIRE BOMB with your MORTAR AND PESTLE, following the recipe’s instructions
  12. Come back in the room at (I)
  13. Crane your head up: do you see this piece of magical bridge? There is a NOTE (2) lying on it
  14. Pick up the NOTE (1) on the floor and step back: this will deactivate the pressure plate. The magical bridge above it will disappear, letting the NOTE (2) fall down on your feets. Grab it
  15. Read the wall text (h). It’s a puzzle… and a quite easy one: we need to create a magical path upstairs
  16. Toggle every pressure plates in this room with useless items (such as Havotep’s GEMS, or old SCROLLS you don’t need any longer) to complete the magical bridge
  17. Read the wall text (i)

    If you think adultery
    is not a sin, go right.

  18. Remember: Busipah was a follower of Tjalafez. If you interacted with the magical stone head in the Chapel of Love (e) earlier, you may have noticed that Tjalafez preaches a rather “libertine” view of love… this means you’d better exit using the right path (follow the upper red arrow on the map)
    • Note: every time you enter or exit this room, you should follow the red arrows paths. Going the wrong way will trigger a deadly floor spike trap
    • Indeed, the best answer to the other riddle (“If you value chastity, go left”) is also to go right. So, you basically have to enter and exit the room always using the right path
  19. Take the southern hallway to the Kitchen (j)
  20. Destroy the terracotta jars on your left to discover the NOTE (3). Pick it up
  21. Grab the PITROOT BREAD (k). You may eat it if you’re hungry
  22. Don’t take the FETID WATER nor the ROTTEN PITROOT BREAD (x)! They would make you poisoned or sick
  23. Pick up the BLUEBERRY PIE (L)
  24. Destroy the barrels/boxes (m) and grab the LOCK PICKS (n)
  25. Let a FISH cook in the furnace (o) to obtain a SMOKED BASS
    • Note: you can cook as many fishes as you want here. Since a SMOKED BASS is more nourishing than a simple SILVER ROACH, this is a good deal
  26. Exit the kitchen and go onto the platform at (p)
  27. Use your ROPE to climb down in the pit
  28. Take the BRACE OF FORTITUDE in the alcove (q)
  29. Open the wooden door and pick up the NOTE (4) before going up the stairs
  30. Go in the Death chamber of the Concubines (V) and take the WOODEN BOX (r)
    • Note the respective names of Busipah’s concubines: Aernoth, Mulneis, Kalix, Xatepoh. This is important for another puzzle
  31. Read the wall text (V): this is the biggest puzzle of this level. To open the exit grate (µ), we need to “satisfy the concubines” first. That is to say: provide each of them with…
    • a pair of shoes,
    • a pendant,
    • a bracer,
    • something to eat.
  32. So, we need to collect 16 items (4 x 4) in total, then distribute them wisely between the 4 concubines. The NOTES (1 – 13) will help us discover “who gets what”
  33. Open the WOODEN BOX: there are 4 different types of shoes inside
  34. Complete the WOODEN BOX with all relevant items we managed to collect so far:
  35. Come back to the chest (s) and open it with the LOCK PICKS: you get a STRANGE POTION
  36. Follow the eastern corridor towards the south, until you reach a wall text (t)

    Haunted hallways:
    be DISCREET… or DIE.

    No running away.

  37. Okay… here’s the thing: the exclamation marks (!) on the map represent a series of ghouls and mummies, patiently waiting for you to pass them. We need to find a way to progress further without getting spotted…
  38. Let’s try this STRANGE POTION: what a coincidence! This is a potion of invisibility
  39. Hurry up towards the east but don’t forget to pick up the NOTE (5) in the middle of the hallway
  40. Once you arrive in the eastern room (II), you’re safe
    • Dont’ go back! The potion of invisibility is short-lived
  41. Look upstairs: there is a dozen of daemon heads around the room walls in the upper floor
  42. Read the wall texts (1 – 4): it’s a warning. You should never look one of the daemon heads in the eyes (which means we will try to not be FACING any of them)
  43. Activate the teleporter (*) : it will get you to the other teleporter of this level (*), allowing you to freely go back and forth between these 2 areas, without having to pass the haunted hallways any more
  44. Save. Jump into the pit and toggle the 8 levers [] to lower the ladders surrounding the central platform. Beware of the moving spikes! You may retry several times: take your time (toggle one lever, climb up, jump down again, toggle another lever, etc.)
    • Note: as a matter of fact, we don’t have to lower the 8 ladders. The only one we really need is located at (v). But activating all levers will also trigger a secret door (u) leading to one of Busipah’s relics
  45. Pick up the CRYSTAL HELMET (u)
  46. Climb up the ladder (v) and proceed as follows:
    • Move forward x4
    • Strafe right x1
    • Pick up BUSIPAH’S KEY ( w)
    • Move backward x2
    • Turn left x1
    • Move forward x2
    • Turn left x1
    • Move forward x1
    • Pick up the NOTE (6)
    • Move backward x1
    • Turn right x1
    • Move forward x2
    • Turn left x1
    • Move backward x2
    • Pick up the LEAFBOND BRACELET (x) (you may add it to your WOODEN BOX collection)
    • Strafe right x1 to jump down
  47. Use BUSIPAH’S KEY on the lock (y)
  48. Climb up and immediately turn left: there is a secret switch on the wall. Press it to trigger a hidden door at the end of the corridor (&)
  49. Open the chest and take the CRYSTAL CUIRASS
  50. Climb up the northern ladder. You are entering Busipah’s death chamber. There are multiple items to retrieve in this room, but first we have a “hot job” to carry out…
  51. Pick up the NOTE on the floor at (13):

    Busipah’s diary – p. 99
    […] I know the death is near. But I don’t regret any part of my
    life. I served Tjalafez and her cult by relentlessly spreading
    love around me. If only somebody could SET ME ON FIRE one last
    time – even during my last sleep…

  52. It’s a code: Busipah is desperately asking us to burn his dead corpse. Maybe he did not really want to enjoy immortality, after all…
  53. Standing on the tile at (¤), let a FIRE BOMB fall down in the hole in front of you (don’t throw it: just drop it with the left-mouse click, as if you would put it on the floor)
  54. Jump on the platform in the south-western corner of the room to get the NOTE (7)
  55. Climb back up. Walk north and jump down between the two ladders (à)
  56. Climb up the western ladders to grab the NOTE (8) on the fourth floor and come back to (à)
  57. Climb up the eastern ladders to grab the NOTE (9) on the fifth floor
  58. Climb down the ladder you just used (but not all the way back to (à): stay in the fourth floor)
  59. From here, face south and jump down to the center platform in the third floor
  60. Jump another tile ahead to reach the southern platform in the second floor
  61. Pick up the SACK (#). Inside you’ll find a BONE AMULET and a RUNESTONE NECKLACE (you may add those items to your WOODEN BOX)
  62. Jump down to the main floor. Pick up BUSIPAH’S SKULL and his CRYSTAL AMULET on his tombstone (£)
  63. Exit Busipah’s death chamber and go to the big room that resembles a quarry in the north-western corner of the map (III)
  64. Read the wall text next to the iron door (@)

    Starting from the depths
    Heading to the crests
    He walked up the hook
    To Tjalafez’ book.

  65. Pick up the NOTE (10) on the floor
  66. Go down the stairs to the center of the room (%) and read the wall text

    The spirit
    is the spiral.

  67. This is a very simple puzzle: you just need to go all the way up making circles (clockwise), until you reach the iron door (@)
  68. If you’re successful, the door (@) should automatically open, allowing you to access an elevator
  69. Take the elevator. You arrive in a small, dark corridor. Pick up the NOTE (11) in front of you and grab the HARDSTONE BRACELET ($) in the alcove (you may add it to your WOODEN BOX)
    • Note: you should now possess the 16 items we need to “satisfy the concubines”, as required for the last puzzle of this level (V)
  70. At the end of this hallway (=), you’ll notice a button on the northern wall. It will switch a light up behind the eastern wall. This is a hint to emphasize the fact that this wall is a secret door
  71. As a matter of fact, you’ll find a hidden switch on the southern wall (=) that opens the secret door
  72. Go to the end of the hallway and open the chest (+): you are rewarded with Tjalafez’ HOLY BIBLE OF LOVE
  73. Come back upstairs and get ready for some unfinished business: puzzles (I) and (IV)
  74. Looking at the wall at (§), you’ll notice a hidden switch. Press it to open a nearby secret door
  75. Go south, walking on the magical bridge you created earlier
  76. Find and press the hidden switch (ç) to open a secret door and access a treasure chest holding the CRYSTAL GREAVES
  77. Pick up the NOTE (12) on the floor (this was the last one)
  78. Come back to the big hall with the 26 statues (IV)
  79. This an alphabetical puzzle: if you read the wall texts (é) and (è), you’ll learn that your goal is to correctly spell the names of Tjalafez’ servants
  80. To highlight a letter (marked [a] to [z] on the above map), you need to “light up” the matching statue
  81. The wall button (ù) allows you to reset the puzzle and try a new combination
  82. There are 5 names to spell:
    • B.U.S.I.P.A.H. will grant you acces to the secret alcove [1]. You get a TOME OF EXERCISE (read it to upgrade you load capacity)
    • A.E.R.N.O.T.H. will grant you access to the secret alcove [2]. You get the CRYSTAL BOOTS (you should now possess Busipah’s complete outfit)
    • K.A.L.I.X. will grant you access to the secret alcove [3]. You get a POTION OF VITALITY (drink it)
    • X.A.T.E.P.O.H. will grant you access to the secret alcove [4]. You get a POTION OF CURE POISON (in case you want to try the FETID WATER, this is an antidote)
    • M.U.L.N.E.I.S. will grant you access to the secret alcove [5]. You get a POTION OF CURE DISEASE (in case you want to try the ROTTEN PITROOT BREAD, this is a medication)
  83. Let’s face the last challenge of this level (V): Busipah’s 4 concubines puzzle
  84. If we try to sort the pages of Busipah’s diary in the right order, here is how it would look like:

    Busipah’s diary – p. 15
    […] I had an instant crush. She remains pretty secret about her origins (especially, she doesn’t like to be asked about this mystical necklace she’s always wearing). Maybe she is a kind of voodoo? Anyway, I asked her to become my second concubine and embrace Tjalafez […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 27
    […] As it had been raining whole night long, he went to the forest at dawn to pick up some mushrooms – especially the one he loves: villagers call them ‘borras’. On his way, he found some blueberries and decided to make […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 28
    […] Our mother came home with two orphans from the village. Their parents died from plague last year. The poor children were starving: one of them ate up the pie prepared earlier by my first concubine, and the second one had three plates of smoked fish! They look like siblings, but do not speak – maybe they’re just too shy… I wonder if they are virgins? […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. ??
    […] She really is a strange person. She only drinks water. As it happens, she doesn’t need to have any alcohol: she already is such a mystic. Yesterday, she showed Xatepoh how to make her own necklace out of her parents’ remains. This talisman is supposed to protect her from bad […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 36
    Today we went fishing outside, as Xatepoh enjoys fish food so much (our cook is a true master at preparing smoked bass). But the only thing we found was an old bronze bracelet lying at the bottom of the pond. Xatepoh offered it to her twin brother. Tjalafez shall be pleased by this act of […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 50
    Human nature is fascinating. Apart from Love, I noticed people tend to try and fulfill four basic needs: wearing shoes to be able to walk freely; eating and/or drinking something they like; wearing a unique necklace that makes them feel pretty; and putting on a bracelet that reminds them of who they are or where they […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 65
    […] we’ve been raising them in Tjalafez’ faith, but until this season they seemed a little too young to enjoy terrestrial pleasures. Now that they’re grown up, I decided to initiate them in the most sacred love rituals. I hope my two first concubines won’t get jealous […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 72
    […] his jealousy makes me sick! Should I remind him that, when I took him off the streets 20 years ago, before initiating him in the Order of Passion, he was wearing nothing else but sandals? Now that he has made it to the penultimate paladin rank and has been granted the hardstone bracer as a reward for his dedication, he should show more altruism. […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 78
    This afternoon, I bought Aernoth a huge amethyst, to show my affection and prove he will always be the first of my lovers. He had the village’s craftsman turn it into a gorgeous necklace. I hope this will eventually appease his jealousy […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. ??
    The shoe merchant stopped by the village last week. I gave money to my beloved concubines to go and buy new shoes, but the males were more interested in spending their purse at the tavern! As long as Tjalafez approves… […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. ??
    My two girl concubines have become true friends over the years. Tonight, they even exchanged bracelets. To be honest, Kalix’s former magical bracer will benefit her younger companion more, as the latter is such a relentless hiker. After this touching scene, Kalix showed some unusual appetite… […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 91
    I feel so old. Since I joined the Order of Passion, there has not been a single day during which I didn’t make love with one or another of my concubines – sometimes, even with the four of them at the same time. But my body is not as vigorous as it used to be […]

    Busipah’s diary – p. 99
    […] I know that death is near. But I don’t regret any part of my life. I served Tjalafez and her cult by relentlessly spreading love around me. If only somebody could set me on fire one last time – even during my last sleep…

  85. From the above notes, we can deduce that:
    • Aernoth [A] was the first concubine. He was originally wearing SANDALS; he liked BORRAS; he possessed a JEWEL PENDANT with an amethyst; he was granted the HARDSTONE BRACELET as a gift for his dedication in the Paladins’ order
    • Kalix [K] used to be the second concubine. She was wearing a RUNESTONE NECKLACE; she ended up with the LEAFBOND BRACELET (the one that makes you hungry according to its description); she only drunk WATER; she liked FANCY SHOES (actually they’re called “pointy” but they at least look fancy 😉
    • Mulneis and Xatepoh were the 2 last concubines. They were siblings
    • Xatepoh [X] loved SMOKED BASS; Kalix tought her how to make a BONE AMULET and gave her the BRACE OF FORTITUDE (the one that makes you more resistant to effort); she also bought NOMAD BOOTS (the ones that fit best for a hiker) at the shoe merchant
    • Mulneis [M] liked the BLUEBERRY PIE baked by Aernoth very much; he was given the BRONZE BRACE cought by his sister in the lake; he didn’t really care about shoes, so he must have been wearing a simple pair of SHOES; there’s no information about his necklace, but there is only one left: the STORM AMULET
  86. Put the correct items on the respective tombstones [A], [K], [X], [M]: the grate (µ) should now open if you toggle the pull chain
  87. Enter Iomeris’ Cemetery


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