Rukashan, known as “the Seer”, is Fidoc’s 3rd son.

His crypt is full of chimeras and tortured spirits.

Answer his riddles wisely. And don’t get lost in his devilish maze…










Are you having difficulties completing this level? Access the walkthrough here.

7 thoughts on “Rukashan’s Crypt

  1. Hi Hans! I’m so sorry this puzzle was such a struggle… Did you try to avoid Q & E (turn left/turn right) and use instead “strafe left”/”strafe right” + move backward moves? There is a huge difference between both ways (about 3-4 seconds). Anyway, I’m sorry again. This puzzle is intended to be hard, but not impossible. I will raise both timers (would +1 second be fine?). P.S. : the whole game is still in the beta-testing phase. If you have general feed back and/or comments on specific puzzles, I’d be happy to get them. Just email me. Thanx for your help. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the game! yann


    • Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m note quite finished with the walkthrough, but I’ll post the next steps this week-end.


    • For me, setting the Shadow Quality to “low” fixed the slowdown.
      Turning off SSAO also improves the framerate a little.
      I left the other settings on “High”:
      – Rendering Quality
      – Texture Resolution
      – Texture Filtering


  2. Go to:
    x = 24
    y = 14
    facing = 3
    elevation = -2
    level = 5

    The locks in the hallway look as if they’re floating, because they cast a shadow.
    But only if you look at them sideways.


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