3. Xafi’s sepulchre

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This is the tomb of Xafi, Fidoc’s 1st son. Xafi was known as “the Ascetic”.

There are many dangers and dark hallways in this area. Be careful and SAVE often. Don’t touch everything (especially when a sign warns you about a potential menace…).

Your goal is to retrieve Xafi’s skull. And possibly, his 4 other relics (note that getting all relics is optional and will not prevent you from finishing the game).



  1. Look at the cartouche (a) on the wall: it’s a warning against the “Snake mother”. You’d better not touch her spawn… (we can see the eggs on the other side of the pit)
    • Note: this pit is located right below the trapdoor where the ORNATE KEY was lying in the upper level. This means the key must have fallen down further, towards the next level
  1. Don’t toggle the secret wall button (b), else the skeleton will be released and will immediately attack you
  2. Read the cartouche (c): it warns you about a potential threat. An army of rodents is hiding behind a big stone door (h)
  3. Pick up the CANNON BALL (d)
  4. Pick up the CANNON BALL (e)
  5. Take the lock picks on the floor (f)
  6. Destroy the spiders’ nest with your AXE (g)
  7. There’s a secret wall button here (h). Don’t touch it or it will release a rats’ swarm, as the wall text (c) warned us
  8. Pick up the SCROLL (i) and the CANNON BALL (j). Here is what the scroll reads:

Xafi’s relics are well hidden
Yet they might relieve your burden.
Look out for secret doors…
But watch out for waiting foes.

That’s exactly what we are doing!

  1. Pick up the CANNON BALL (k) but DON’T TAKE THE EGGS! Unless you want to be eaten by the snake’s mother…
  2. Pick up the CANNON BALL (L)
  3. Release your PHOENIX’ STAFF bolt on the golden statue (m) to open the grate next to it
  4. Now you can enter the room (II) and pick up the TOMB KEY (n)
    • Note: some of the floor tiles in this room are grey-blue. We need to remember where they are located, to be able to solve the main puzzle of this level
  1. Pick up the SCROLL (o)

Retrieving the last relic
Requires 7 iron balls.
If you think there is a trick
You deserve Xafi shemagh.

  1. Retrieve the BURNING TORCH (p)
  2. Use the TOMB KEY on the golden lock (q)
  3. Toggle the lever (r) to lift the elevator and discover a treasure chest holding the XAFI ROBE
  4. Equip the TORCH and go back to the cloudy, dark corridor at (s). Thanks to the torch light, you should now be able to detect a small wall button behind the clouds. Press it to access the secret room behind you, unveiling a treasure chest with XAFI KHAKIS
  5. Pick up the CANNON BALL (t)
  6. Activate the lever (u) to lift the elevator and discover a locked treasure chest. Use your LOCK PICKS to open the chest and take the SCROLL

Golden snakes watch for their prey
The latter hide behind their masks.
But only the Phoenix bites
Without any teeth marks.

This is actually a riddle explaining how to use the Phoenix’ staff: you need to target the golden statue masks and “attack” without hurting them (i.e. using the staff’s special bolt). But we already did that to optimize our time – this is an efficient walkthrough guys, not a stroll 🙂

  1. Come back to the big colonnaded room (I)
  2. To solve this puzzle, you need to activate the correct pressure plates, mirroring the other big room of this level (II). They are marked with a feather on the above map. Put a CANNON BALL on each of the 6 pressure plates
  3. The door to Xafi’s death chamber should open. Pick up the CANNON BALL (v). This is the 7th one, isn’t it? Look at the alcove in this room: it’s empty… What did the riddle say again? “You will need 7 iron balls… If you think there is a trick…”: maybe the CANNON BALLS were not intended to be used as ballasts for the pressure plates in the first place. Maybe they are made to fit in… the ALCOVES. Guess how many alcoves we encountered in this level? The answer is: SEVEN…
  4. Come back to the big colonnaded room and replace all CANNON BALLS with other items (anything will work just fine: scrolls, fish, recipe…)
  5. Put a CANNON BALL in every alcove of this level: they are marked with a red cross (X)
  6. When you place the last CANNON BALL in the alcove located in Xafi’s death chamber, the door behind the sarcophagus will open, allowing you to retrieve XAFI SHEMAGH ( w)
  7. Unleash a PHOENIX’ STAFF bolt on the golden statue mask (x). The sarcophagus will move and unveil the last relics (y): XAFI SKULL and XAFI NECKLACE
  8. Before you leave Xafi’s sepulchre, make sure you pick up every important item lying down on the floor of the big colonnaded room (you should at least keep the following equipment with you: torch, food, shovel, axe, mortar and phoenix’s staff)


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