Havotep, known as “the Lurker”, is Fidoc’s 2nd son.

He was murdered in mysterious circumstances. Maybe you can help and find the culprit(s)?

Beware: his vault is only accessible to the most crafty ones.









Are you having difficulties completing this level? Access the walkthrough here.

4 thoughts on “Havotep’s Vault

    • Thx Hans!! I just fixed this bug. It’ll be implemented in the 0.56 version. Friends reported me some other minor bugs and I should be able to update everything by this week-end. I hope you had a back up save? yann


  1. Hi, I have a problem with the rats. I acquired cheeses and threw one to their pit as the notes hinted. The rats unfortunately still sit on the same place and do not move. The only mistake I think I did was, that I threw a note there before the cheese, but I cannot test because it was so long ago that I don’t have the backup save. Is there anything I can do now? Thanks (Version number is the newest 1.3)


    • Hi karllich!
      Sorry for answering late. I was away. You’re so damn right about the bug you encountered: I just tested my game, and did the same as you did, I got the same result. I’m so sorry about that.
      If the note you threw in the pit said “Don’t spoil your cheese”, you will be able to destroy it with this script:


      You need to type this piece of code in the cluaConsole. When you press enter, the note will disappear.

      Alternatively, you may send me your savegame as an attached file, and I will send it back to you, free of bug.

      Anyway, thanks for playing my game. Just one last thing: please note that the latest version is 1.4, not 1.3 (https://www.nexusmods.com/legendofgrimrock2/mods/71/?). You might encounter some other minor bugs in the 1.3 version.


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