1. Finding a way in

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You start in a swampy area.

Your goal is to find a way to enter the tombs of your ancestors.



General tips for this area:

  • Don’t mind the giant frogs: they can’t hurt you from their position.
  • If you jump into the water, always stay close to the ladders… or you’ll drown.
  • Don’t fall into any pit at this stage: it would result into instant death.
  • Once you’ve found the AXE (e), destroy all thickets (X) with it.



  1. Enter the grove on your left and go all the way until you find the SHOVEL (a)
  2. Interact with the strange 4-stoneheads tree at (b): they’ll give you 4 riddles
    • To solve the 1st riddle you’ll need an ETHERWEED
    • To solve the 2nd riddle you’ll need a ROCK
    • To solve the 3rd riddle you’ll need a METEORITE
    • To solve the 4th riddle you’ll need a BRANCH
  1. Pick up the FALCONSKYRE (c) and the ROCK (d)
  2. Pick up the AXE (e) and equip it
  3. Dig under the destroyable thicket next to the fountain, to unearth a METEORITE (f)
  4. Walk on the bridge and jump into the water to pick up an ETHERWEED (g). Exit through the eastern ladder.
    • Note that, while in the water, you might pick up 1 or 2 FISHES with your bare hands. Those fishes might come in handy later on
  1. Pick up the BLACKMOSS (h)
  2. Dig under the fireflies to unearth a treasure with mortar and recipe (i). You now know how to make a SHOCKBOMB… but you’re not skilled enough (requires Alchemy 4)
  3. Pick up the BORRA (j)
  4. Pick up the BRANCH (k)
  5. Answer the riddles by putting the 4 respective items on the different stone benches facing the stone heads. You’ll be granted four levels of Alchemy
  6. Brew a SHOCKBOMB with your mortar and pestle, using the FALCONSKYRE and the BLACKMOSS
  7. Throw the SHOCKBOMB at the rocky entrance (L)
    • Note: if you happened to waste your SHOCKBOMB, you can still make another one by picking up respawning herbs. Just wait a little bit, or rest (press [r])
  1. Enter FIDOC’S TOMB


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