Fidoc’s Doom first official release: October 2016.

Latest version: 1.4 (April 2017).

Graphics design and game engine credits: Almost Human Games. Visit
I used LoG2 editor + LoG1&2 asset packs.

A million thanks to te LoG2 modding community:
– Steingrimur Oskarsson for the best video tutorials ever
– Prozail for the snail’s scripts
– Mutman for the beautiful runebooks
– AdrTru for the inspiring graphic texts
– Zimber for the camp fire asset

Sound Art Credits:
Thanks for the amazing ambient tracks! Here is what I’ve used:
– Cinematics : “Before the Storm”
– Outdoor area: “Swamplandia”
– Xafi Sepulchre: “Haunted_Ramparts”
– Rukashan’s Crypt: “Catacombs”
– Iomeris Cemetery: “Temple_of_the_Eye”

English translation and proof-reading: Lee ( – thanks for the wonderful job!!

Russian translation: Badgert, from – I can’t thank him enough to have made the game acessible to russian players!

Special thanks to my early players, who’ve come back to me with precious comments and great pieces of advise:
– Emilie S. (my twin soul)
– Antoine J. (Systema Powa!)
– François & Marie-Cécile
– Benoît (hey flatmate;)
– Wes (Dr Chuckles)
– Julien, Simon, Thomas…

They helped me make the game more enjoyable and (hopefully) free of bugs.




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