4. Havotep’s vault

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This is the tomb of Havotep, Fidoc’s 2nd son. Havotep was known as “the Lurker”.

He was the head of the Company of the Seven Rangers. His vault shelters five challenging puzzles (I, II, III, IV, V).

Your goal is to retrieve Havotep’s skull. And possibly, his 5 other relics (note that getting all relics is optional and will not prevent you from finishing the game).



  1. As soon as you arrive, you are confronted with a puzzle (I) that needs to be solved before you can go further. This is a tricky one: pressing the switch (a) will trigger the daemon head (b) and release a magic bolt. Our goal is to get the bolt to hit the hole (c) on the side wall. This can be made possible thanks to the teleporters: they will right-spin everything that goes through them. In a word: we need to place the teleporters on the three corners ([]). Unfortunately, the red teleporter in the upper-left corner can’t be moved: it can only be deactivated. Once it’s off, there will be only 2 teleporters left: the green and the yellow one. So, the question becomes: how to pave the way for the magic bolt with only 2 teleporters, while we would normally need 3? There is a trick 😉
  2. Pick up a ROCK (d)
  3. Destroy the wooden crate (X) and pick up another ROCK (e)
  4. From here, throw a ROCK at the pressure plate (f). The red teleporter should disappear
  5. Standing on the tile at (g), throw a ROCK at the northern teleporter. Your projectile’s trajectory should be deflected to the east, allowing the rock to end up on the pressure plate (h). This will move the green teleporter from the center of the room to the lower-east corner
  6. Now we have 2 teleporters in place (yellow and green). Note that, when you toggle the lever (i), the yellow teleporter will alternate positions (North-East / South-West)
  7. Here is the trick: we need to toggle the lever just after the daemon head has been triggered, to change the yellow teleporter’s location and allow the magic bolt to end its course in the hole. Are you ready?
    • Press the switch (a),
    • Move backwards twice,
    • Strafe right once,
    • Turn right,
    • Toggle the lever (i).
    • If you were quick enough, the grate opens!
  8. The next puzzle (II) is a complex one. It requires patience and method. As soon as you enter, go up the ladder on your right. The wall text (j) will give you a hint on the general mechanics of this puzzle: there are 5 powerful foes disseminated in the first floor of this maze. Each one of them is represented by a statuette located in the upper floor. If you match one of the figurines with a specific direction (North, East, South or West), the creature it represents will be “forced” to face this direction. Putting the statuettes in the correct altars upstairs, will allow you to avoid your foes’ sight downstairs… and safely explore the maze
    • Note: you should never come back downstairs with a figurine in your inventory (or in your hands): it would be considered as theft; the maze’s entrance grate would automatically close, the monsters would be alerted and they would kill you
    • If you get accidentally spotted by one of the guardians during your progress in the hallways, you can quickly exit the maze and close the gate behind you. This will automatically reset the puzzle and all guardians will come back to their original location
  9. Go upstairs and pick up the 4 following statuettes: OGRE, SNAIL, ICE GUARDIAN, SKELETON. Let the CROWERN figurine where it is: as a matter of fact, we won’t need to change this monster’s facing
  10. Put those statuettes in the following altars:
    • OGRE: west
    • SNAIL: north
    • SKELETON: east
    • ICE GUARDIAN: south
  11. Climb down and go right to press the glowing blue switch (k). Since the ogre is facing west, he should not be able to spot you
  12. Climb up and put the OGRE figurine in the northern altar
  13. Climb down and go to the dirty tile at (L) (the mysterious question mark on the side wall shoud have made you curious and eager to step on this tile), to trigger a secret door and retrieve the LURKER PANTS
  14. Go all the way back, climb up and put the OGRE figurine in the eastern altar
  15. Now that the ogre is facing east, you should be able to follow the red spots’ trail on the map and reach the glowing blue button (m)
  16. Once you’ve switched on the button, go all the way back, climb up and put the SKELETON figurine in the southern altar
  17. Congratulations! You can now make it to the treasure chest (n) at the end of the red spots’ trail. Pick up the CHEESE and exit this diabolic maze
  18. Have a look at the wall texts (o). They’re talking about a buried treasure outside. But let’s keep this business for later: we don’t need any boots for now
  19. Jump into the water, pick up the lock picks (p) and exit the pool at (q) to discover a secret chest holding the LURKER HOOD (you need to use the lock picks on the chest). Press the glowing blue switch on the wall to open the door and exit east
  20. Now it’s time to face the biggest puzzle of this area (III). As you may have noticed, there is an underground corridor here, with a rat swarm (represented by a grey triangle on the map) at its northern end. You can see the rats if you crane your head down (click and hold the right mouse-button). You’d better not climb down: there is no way back, and the rat swarms would slowly but surely kill you. To solve this puzzle, we need to get the rat swarms to move and toggle the different pressure plates in the pit. Guess what would make it worth it for the rats to move? You got it: delicious CHEESE!
  21. Pick up the NOTE (r). Let a piece of CHEESE fall down at (s) to lure the northern rat swarm towards the south. On their way, they will toggle a pressure plate and open the door at (r)
  22. Look at the pit (t): can you see this little ORNATE KEY we are tracking down since the first level? Let it further fall down by pressing the glowing blue switch on the side wall
  23. Enter the Lurker’s maze. Go to the tile at (u) and let a piece of CHEESE fall down to lure the rat swarm further towards the south
  24. Now standing on the tile at (v), let another piece of CHEESE fall down to lure both rat swarms at the same time
  25. Standing on the tile at (w ), let your 4th piece of CHEESE fall down to lure the southern rat swarm towards the north
  26. Standing on the tile at (v), let your last piece of CHEESE fall down to lure both rat swarms at the same time again
  27. All grates should now be open. Pick up the NEXUS KEY (x) and go all the way down to Havotep’s death chamber, following the red spots’ trail
  28. On your way, you’ll see a wall text (y) telling you about Havotep’s dubious death. Your mission, if you accept it: find the lurker’s murderer(s). To do so, you’ll need red gems (designating a ‘guilty’ person) and green gems (designating an ‘innocent’ one). Pick up the bags (z) holding the two different sets of GEMS and head to the northern area of this level (IV)
  29. Read the wall text (%)

When the cloth is new,
Words are untrue.
Where the cloth is torn,
The mouth is sworn.

  1. Crane your head up: you can see 6 red clothes hanging on the northern wall, over the 6 stone heads. Four of those clothes are torn. Two are new. You get the idea: every word said by a stone head is either true or false, depending on the state of the cloth above it. Here you go:
Character Statements True or False? Interpretation
MYSHA When Havotep was murdered,
I was in the hills. On my way,
I saw Rhalox heading to the forest.
FALSE Mysha was not in the hills.

Rhalox was not in the forest.

TIHMBO I went for a walk outside
with Gormia. We saw Havotep
being drowned in the lake.
FALSE Tihmbo was not with Gormia.

Havotep was not killed in the lake.

LESKEV I was swimming alone in the lake.
My other comrades where either in
the hills, or in the forest.
TRUE Leskev was alone in the lake.

Everybody else was either in the hills or in the forest.

KALUM The culprit was a
lonely murderer.
I heard it from Leskev.
FALSE There are 2 culprits or more.
GORMIA At least 3 of my comrades
are innocent. And I know Tihmbo
was not in the forest.
TRUE There are 3 culprits or less.

Tihmbo was not in the forest.

RHALOX I heard the traitors plotting
to get Havotep killed: they were 3.
They set him up in the hills.
FALSE The culprits were not a trio.

Havotep was not killed in the hills.


  1. From the above table, we can draw following conclusions:
    • There are 2 culprits (we can deduce that from Kalum, Gormia and Rhalox statements’ interpretations).
    • Everybody was either in the lake, in the hills, or in the forest (says Leskev).
    • Havotep was neither killed in the lake (says Tihmbo), nor in the hills (says Rhalox). Therefore, he must have been killed in the forest.
    • The question becomes: WHO WAS IN THE FOREST at the time Havotep was killed?
    • Since Leskev was alone in the lake, he can be considered as innocent. Furthermore, this means every other rangers were either in the hills, or in the forest.
    • Mysha was not in the hills; then he must have been in the forest: he’s guilty.
    • Rhalox was not in the forest (says Mysha); then she must have been in the hills: she’s innocent.
    • Tihmbo was not in the forest (says Gormia); then he must have also been in the hills: he’s innocent.
    • Since Gormia was not with Tihmbo (says Tihmbo), she could’nt be in the hills; then she must have been in the forest: she’s guilty.
    • Since there are only 2 culprits, Kalum has to be innocent.
  2. According to the above conclusions, distribute 2 RED GEMS and 4 GREEN GEMS in the different alcoves, to indicate whether the ranger is guilty (red) or innocent (green). You can keep the remaining gems: they might come in handy for other puzzles later in the game (for example, if you need to toggle a pressure plate)
  3. Go back to Havotep’s death chamber: you are being rewarded for your accurate judgment. Take Havotep’s relics: the LURKER PENDANT and HAVOTEP’S SKULL
  4. Now it’s time to exit this tomb! Go to the far north-western corner of the level to solve the last puzzle (V)
  5. Destroy the wooden crate (X)
  6. Crane your head down to look at the trickster in the room below: he’s acting weirdly, isn’t he? If you stare at him long enough, you’ll notice he’s always following the same pattern: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (see map)
  7. Reproduce this pattern in the upper floor, activating the same sequence of levers. The gate (#) should open
    • Note: walking on the central pressure plate will reset this puzzle
  8. Climb up the ladder, go straight forward until the end of the corridor, then turn left. Toggle the lever ($): this will switch on a ceiling light in front of you, revealing a pressure plate (§). Let’s activate it!
  9. Go back to the tile at (%). Equip a useless item (for example, a green or red gem) and throw it towards the north. It should reach the pressure plate which triggers a secret door behind you. Open the chest (&) and pick up the LURKER VEST
  10. Go all the way to the exit (south-east). On your way, you’ll notice a teleporter (*): this is a shortcut to the other teleporter (*) located at the entrance of the level


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